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I am a girl who rides a bike.

Watching the sun slowly rise while I’m riding is a pretty cool feeling.

(Also my camera broke from the sweat in my pocket-not so cool…)


Watching the 7-12 year old Gravity Grom Factory Team ride during our shoot on Saturday morning was humbling. They dismantled every trail at Evolution Bike Park. These little dudes go so big! And their work ethic is impeccable, they always wanted to know if they got the shot and if they needed to hike it again. Look out world, Crested Butte is producing the next HUGE batch of shred talent.

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Y’all start talking to me about sock length rules and I’ma just smh at you. By Taylor Phinney ‏@taylorphinney on twitter

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Brand is one of my favourite descenders - reminds me of Sarah Düster, who was another crazy descender, “crazy in the corners” domestique

Umm…that’s 57mph!!


Though Specialized might lead the industry with bicycle technology, the company definitely hasn’t forgotten about how they got to where they are. This beautifully crafted steel Allez will be going up for auction beginning Sept 8 and 100% of the proceeds will be going to World Bicycle Relief (WBR). More info below:

"Specialized Bicycles has been lucky to serve the greater cycling community by striving to produce products that and inspire to improve riders lives for 40 years. In the year of our 40th anniversary we simply want to say ‘thank you’ to the riders and give back to one of the best bicycle charities, World Bicycle Relief (WBR). To celebrate, we are revisiting the Steel Allez and sending 100 percent of the proceeds to the WBR. Working with Mark DiNucci, one of our original frame builders at Specialized whose bikes still win global recognition and awards, we wanted to rethink the steel frame from the ground up. The Allez is one of the bikes that started it all for us and in 1981 and stood for the best technology a rider could get. It was part of the very foundation of all of the bikes we have built since. For this ONE-TIME-ONLY run of 74 Frames, every tube, lug, and braze-on has been examined through fresh eyes. “Every lesson we have learned over the last 40 years has been applied to create a totally new and totally modern steel frame” said Bryant Bainbridge, R&D manager for Specialized in the 80s, “Keeping with the 40th theme, we will build the 40th Anniversary Allez in the very factory that created the first Stumpjumper, a factory that continues to produce some of the finest handmade bikes in the world.”

Auctions starts September 8th:


Shooting Steel Magazine - AD Marc Sich

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August was where I shifted from just riding a whole lot to focusing more on racing and specific training and learning to take rest days etc…

Goodbye summer :(


Ashley and Jered Gruber’s photographs from a freezing stage of the Giro d’Italia over the Passo dello Stelvio which saw Nairo Quintana race ahead, although not without a dose of controversy.

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