New bike toys! 

Delta Cycle Airzound Horn ( This thing is loud. After having a few close calls, and people not paying attention to my little ding dong bell, I needed something better. They claim this is the “world’s loudest bike horn”. It may be true. I just tested it out and the sound makes you jump. A bit scary to push but cars will definitely hear it. Really easy to use, just fill with air from any bike pump.

Planet Bike fenders ( So that I don’t have to worry about going through puddles the next time it rains. They look big though. I hope they fit my bike. 

Serfas Bicycle floor pump ( Because all I have right now is a little portable one and it doesn’t fill up that much air. Also so I don’t have to go to the bike shop every time my tires get soft. 

Bell bugle horn ( I thought this might be a good option for a horn but after hearing the other one I think I’m sending this one back. 

  • Oct 19
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