NYC Bike Commuter

I am a girl who rides a bike.

Crossing the NYC Tri finish line. I’ll post some more pictures when they’re all up.

NYC cyclists: Secure your seats

Today I was at the bike shop getting a new seat and a girl came in saying her seat was stolen today just a couple blocks away from where mine was. If you are locking your bike in the Soho/Noho/Astor Pl area you should beware. Someone is clearly out to get some bike seats and they have tools. My seat was not quick release.

Rainy Rides

Today was probably the heaviest rain I ever biked in. My handlebars got wet and slippery. Other than that (and the fact the my shoes became swimming pools) it was a great ride.

Baskets vs Panniers

After looking into a few different baskets, someone suggested I consider a pannier. But if I get one of those I would rather it also be a backpack so it’s easy to carry when I am not on the bike. Any suggestions of where I can get a good one that is also not expensive?

Bike Baskets

Do any of you have them? I think it’s time for me to get one. I learned today that my shoulder dislocations happen because there is a tear in my labrum. I had been sitting in the doctor’s office for a long time and wanted to get out of there so I didn’t think of asking the doctor how the tear happens. But my dad said it’s possibly from carrying a heavy backpack on my back on a bike. That makes some sense to me. So now I am researching baskets. Even though I don’t really like them. What is the difference between baskets in the front or back? Also I have seen collapsible baskets but those look smaller than regular ones. Any suggestions?

#fromwhereibike stuck between the cabs in NYC.

Bike commuter

NYC road tests should have a staged biker pass by at some point, so drivers learn to be aware of bikes and learn to share the road. So many drivers are blind to bikers. I had to sound my airhorn too many times tonight.

Sunset was gorgeous tonight, so when I got off the not-as-pretty (bike) side of the Manhattan Bridge I snuck over to the other side and went back across to get some pictures. (Taken with Instagram at Manhattan Bridge Bike Path)

What would you do in a bike accident?

Tonight my dad was in Park Slope and heard a shriek. He turned to see a cyclist had been hit (on 7th Ave, near Starbucks). The driver got out of the car. The cyclist got up from the street, said he was fine. He wasn’t fine. My dad said the guy was bleeding and although he thought he could just get on his bike and continue, he realized his bike was broken so went to the sidewalk to try to fix it. The biker didn’t take down the driver’s license plate or any information. I really hope I am never in such a situation but I’m just wondering, why wouldn’t the biker take down the driver’s information after being hit?

(Another thing, this was after dark and the biker didn’t have any lights or a helmet which I think is extremely unsafe. Maybe he didn’t get the information because he thought he was at fault?)

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