NYC Bike Commuter

I am a girl who rides a bike.

My new bike!!
Redline monocog, single speed 29er.
I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I am terrified of mountain biking…time to change that….

How to Fix a Flat-Greg LeMond


Found a real road bike on this island and now I’m excited!


I was doing laps in Prospect Park and I saw my old running coach from when I ran with Jack Rabbit a couple years ago. She told me I was brave for riding in this weather and I was like this isn’t cold, this is practically a heat wave compared to how cold it’s been this winter…

Bike music


January 2014. 633.5 miles on the bike (outdoors). Still really far off my goal of 1000 miles per month this year, but considering the weather we had this month it’s not too bad. Hopefully I can make up for it during spring and summer. I doubt I’ll ride as many miles in the next few months though because I’m back at school now and also started working at Ride Brooklyn (bike shop), so we’ll see what happens. 

Prospect park today

Me at Kissena velodrome by itsneilb

Hey guys! My picture was chosen as a finalist and I have until tomorrow to get as many votes as I can. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!

Took a different way to Brooklyn Bridge park yesterday and accidentally came across #thatrainbowwall. Actually almost biked right past it without noticing.

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